Big Jan Wears Pink Boots 2024

Pink Boots Society Collaboration Brew


Big Jan is back again and better than ever! We’re celebrating International Women’s Day, with our sixth annual Pink Boots Society Collaboration beer: Big Jan Wears Pink Boots Hazy IPA!

More than 20 ladies from various departments came together for a creative session to workshop this year’s label design.  We asked the team to create a number of illustrations based on prompts like “what it means to be a woman in beer”, “meaning of belonging”, and “inspirational women in your life” to name just a few. To say we had an absolute blast drawing and hanging out with a group of smart, creative women, is an understatement.  We may need to include drawing time in all our workdays now!

Sharing and reflecting on each team member’s creative expression of these ideas, and then seeing those images integrated into the new label design was a true highlight of this year’s collaboration. We celebrate the 2024 IWD campaign theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’, and hope that the small steps we take to elevate the strong woman on our teams will inspire other women in predominantly male industries to seek and find their own sense of belonging.

Our ‘women in beer’ brew crew are proud to present a new Hazy IPA featuring the 2023 Pink Boots Hop Blend – which boasts bright notes of citrus and ripe, tropical fruit. All proceeds from this brew benefit The Pink Boots Society, supporting women in beverage alcohol and fermentation industries. Big Jan Wears Pink Boots Hazy IPA is now available online and at our brewpub. Grab yours today and let’s all raise this fancy new brew in a ‘Cheers’ to the women at Stanley Park Brewing, and the many others who inspire, include and elevate us every day!

Cheers to the Big Jan in your life!