Explorers at Heart


There’s something about a walk under the canopy of an old growth forest, or a brisk stroll on the seawall that awakens the senses and reinvigorates the soul. Experiences like this stay with you. And they inspired us to craft a lineup of beer to evoke that very same feeling. From windstorms to daytrips to incredible sunsets best viewed from the beach, every beer we make is a tasty tribute to Stanley Park and the experiences had within it. And just like the Park, we craft each one to be an exciting break from the everyday, an experience to be explored and savoured.

Passion, Our First Ingredient

As beer crafters, we’re explorers at heart, always looking for new ways to freshen up our portfolio, and we’re not afraid to do things a little differently to make it happen. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that passion can take you all sorts of places.

What’s different about our beer?


Our Beer is Unfiltered

We centrifuge our ales, which is a process that uses much less water than a conventional filter, and allows us to keep as much of the unique yeast characters as we can in the finished beer (psst… that means it tastes better).


We Dry-Hop

Dry hopping is a process that gives additional hop flavour and aroma during fermentation (which also means it tastes better).


The Greenhouse

That’s the home of our 5 hectolitre pilot brewery where an ever-growing crop of fresh ideas is coming to life in our Sapling Series.

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