Asian Heritage Month Beer Release: Kinship Rice Lager

New Beer Release: Kinship Rice Lager

Asian Heritage Month


May is Asian Heritage Month and we’re celebrating diversity, cultural connection and belonging within our community. In collaboration with our internal PAC-Asia employee resource group, and the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, we’re excited to launch our Kinship Rice Lager. A beer celebrating the coexistence of cultures and embracing the diversity that makes Canada unique.


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Tasting Notes

This year, we’ve brewed a unique Rice Lager, flavoured with Mangosteen, a speciality Southeast Asian fruit offering a juicy aroma, as well as ube (ou-bae), a sweet purple yam often used in desserts in the Philippines, lends hints of vanilla-nut to the taste of this light pink coloured brew.

Community & Partnership

Stanley Park Brewing has partnered with the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, a registered charity founded in 2011, that honours a culture and community established in Vancouver more than 100 years ago. The organization is characterized by a spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and a passion to help the revitalization of Chinatown – one of Canada’s most iconic neighbourhoods and the historic heart of Vancouver.

This label was designed by local artist, Nicole Larsen from Ripple and Rise, created to bring communities together to celebrate Asian Heritage Month, their cultures and kinship. Read more about Nicole and the inspiration for this design below.

All proceeds from Stanley Park Brewing’s Kinship Wheat Ale are going towards the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation, supporting their revitalization efforts.





My name is Nicole (she/her) and I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, muralist, and the creative behind Ripple & Rise. My art is inspired by nature, connection, and everyday moments in life, and is known for its bold, bright colours and joyful, uplifting energy.

When designing the label for this special beer, I was inspired by the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Asia, as well as the flavour of the beer itself. I chose four flowers native to Asia which hold many significant symbolic and spiritual meanings (Sakura, Hibiscus, Jasmine and Lotus), as well as the mangosteen fruit to showcase the flavour of the beer.

Being a part of a project that values Asian representation and works to uplift Vancouver’s Chinatown community has been such an honour. It has allowed me the opportunity to create something that celebrates my own Japanese heritage and the diverse Asian community in Vancouver, while staying true to myself and my artistic style. I feel so grateful to be a part of such a meaningful project!