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Check out our latest creations, our brews are always on rotation.
Here’s what we’re pouring today.

Park Pilsner

German Pilsner
4.6% ABV | 21 IBU


Crisp, clean and refreshing. Pilsner malt provides brilliant pale straw color with a light malt body. Medium bitterness with a clean finish. Hopped with BC grown Sterling hops that provide subtle hints of spice and citrus character.

A light-bodied, highly-attenuated, gold colored, bottom fermented bitter German beer showing excellent head retention and an elegant hop aroma.

Red Hot Chili Porter


4.8% ABV | 35 IBU


Cayenne pepper and cacao nibs bring about a wonderful hot chocolate taste that will warm you up on those cold winter days. This beer gives you a silky and creamy mouthfeel with a hint of heat in the finish!

A moderate malty dark beer with a complex and flavorful dark malt character.

Taylor’s Best Bitter

British Best Bitter
4.3% ABV | 31 IBU


Named in honor of Chef Nate’s first child, Noah! This British style bitter has subtle marmalade notes in the aroma. Medium high bitterness in the finish.


English IPA
6.28% ABV | 61 IBU


Inspired by English IPA’s but with a modern twist! We used our hazy yeast strain as well as locally grown BC Centennial and Cascade hops. Expects floral notes with citrus and grapefruit from the hops backed by a solid malt backbone with hints of caramel from crystal malt. Finishes dry with a nice bitter finish.

Black Currant Hibiscus Ale

Fruited Ale

5% ABV | 18 IBU


We used our base blonde beer recipe and took it up a notch by adding 40kg of black currant puree and 5kg of hibiscus flowers. A refreshing and slightly tart fruited ale with hints of dark and red fruit. Hint of acidity from hibiscus.

The Captain

Hazy IPA
6.2% ABV | 50 IBU


Straw coloured and super hazy from the addition of oats and spelt. An intense aroma and flavour combination of stone fruit and tropical fruit with a soft medium-full body and a smooth finish with a low to medium perceived bitterness. Brewed for Captains.

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