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Life’s A Peach

5% ABV | 20 IBU


A light bodied, highly attenuated, gold coloured lager with peach added during fermentation. Refreshing, clean and crisp!

Get It While It’s Cold IPA

Cold IPA
6.9% ABV | 44 IBU


This cold IPA was brewed with flaked corn and rice to provide a lighter body and mouthfeel. We fermented this beer with lager yeast at a warmer temperature to provide a clean fermentation profile with little to no esters or sulphur components. Lastly we dryhopped with Waimea and Nelson Sauvin, providing lots of grapefruit, pomelo as well as passionfruit and guava on the nose. Crisp like a lager with the punch of an IPA!

Cold IPA is a relative new style within the India Pale Ale category. Usually brewed with adjuncts, lager yeast and dryhopped at the end of fermentation with tropical and pungent hop varieties.

Taylor’s Best Bitter

British Best Bitter
4.3% ABV | 31 IBU


Named in honor of Chef Nate’s first child, Noah! This British style bitter has subtle marmalade notes in the aroma. Medium high bitterness in the finish.

Lemon Blueberry Basil Ale

West Coast Pale Ale
4.8% ABV | 12 IBU


We used our base blonde beer recipe and took it up s notch by adding 20kg of blueberry puree, 10kg of lemon puree, and 5kg of basil. A refreshing and slightly tart fruited ale with a savoury touch from the basil in the finish.

Yuzu Sour

Kettle Sour

4.8% ABV | 7 IBU


Intense lemon and lime aromas of Yuzu fruit dominate the palette while bold orange citrus and umami flavour notes cut through the kettle souring process. With additions of lemon puree and pacific northwest hops to balance, this brew is light, bright, tart and refreshing!

The Captain

Hazy IPA
6.2% ABV | 50 IBU


Straw coloured and super hazy from the addition of oats and spelt. An intense aroma and flavour combination of stone fruit and tropical fruit with a soft medium-full body and a smooth finish with a low to medium perceived bitterness. Brewed for Captains.

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