Introducing our new Hoppy Trails Mix Pack featuring two new Trail Hopper IPA flavours!

It is officially Fall and hazy days are just around the corner. This change in season also signifies when we move from summer salads to comforting chowders, from BBQs to Fall feasts and from lighter to fuller flavoured beers.

It’s time to discover new trails! What better time than now to introduce the new Hoppy Trails Mix Pack by Stanley Park Brewing featuring two NEW Trail Hopper flavours:

  • Trail Hopper Grapefruit Session IPA
  • Trail Hopper Hazy IPA

In a choose your own adventure format, this new mix pack brings with it the original Trail Hopper IPA (6.8% ABV, 65 IBU), a full-bodied and aromatic beer with notes of tropical fruit, pine and citrus with a bold flavour from its generous dose of Citra and Simcoe hops and a satisfying bitter finish. Dry hopped with Citra and Simcoe hops it has a distinctive west coast flavour balanced with a smooth malt profile, making it an adventurous but approachable West Coast IPA.

Next up it’s time to let your taste buds wander a bit with the Trail Hopper Grapefruit Session IPA. Coming in at 4.8% ABV and 40 IBU this is a little lighter and more sessionable ABV than the others, and this brew takes all the things we already know and love about the original Trail Hopper IPA and layers in pithy and juicy grapefruit flavours. Crisp, citrusy and refreshing - it’s the quintessential grapefruit flavours that balance the bold and hop-forward notes of the brew. Great for those who prefer a lighter, more citrus fruit forward beer.

Last, but definitely not least, the Trail Hopper Hazy IPA (5.8% ABV, 48 IBU) is perfectly timed for foggy nights and hazy afternoons. With the same base of Citra and Simcoe hops, this Hazy IPA gives a soft bitterness on the palate, With a medium haze, you’ll find more orange citrus notes on the nose for a beautifully balanced finish.

These super drinkable IPA styles are great sidekicks for the fuller flavour of fall meals. From full-bodied and satisfyingly bitter to juicy, aromatic, and sessionable, our new Hoppy Trails Mix Pack has the perfect hop-forward companion for your next adventure. Find the Hoppy Trails Mix Pack now on the Stanley Park Brewstore, and a local liquor store near you (use our Beer Finder!)

New trails are calling! Which path will you choose?