STAnley Park Brewing Co.

Restaurant and brewery



We are excited to be working with the Park Board to transform the former Fish House into a new community-oriented restaurant with a small batch brewery. We believe that our approach and concept will add a new dimension to Stanley Park that will be attractive to park visitors, respect the integrity and lifestyle of the park, and be consistent with its status as an important and historic landmark. We continue to engage the community in this process and appreciate the opportunity to have a dialogue with local residents.


A proposal to renovate and re-open the site formerly known as the Fish House. For more than two years, this unique, historic and long-standing social space has been left vacant and not accessible to the public. It has increasingly become unsightly and unsafe.  Our plan will include a multi-million dollar investment to restore and revitalize this historic piece of Stanley Park. There will be no increase to the footprint of the building and it will be re-opened as a restaurant with a small batch brewery that will add a new dimension to its tradition as a welcoming place for people to meet and enjoy the natural beauty of Stanley Park.


A new restaurant experience that celebrates the spirit of the park with good food and great craft beer brewed on site.

Small Batch Innovation Brewing: fully contained: no extension to building footprint, and no venting of smells to the outside

Restaurant: family friendly and offering a full-service menu, thoughtfully designed to complement the beers brewed on site

Retail Space: to facilitate sales of unique beers brewed on site in small batches; as well as locally sourced Stanley Park Brewing merchandise. Located inside the restaurant, not through Concession area.

Private Functions: a unique venue for corporate and family events, limited only to the licensed spaces; adhering to noise and operating hour by-laws

Education: offer beer training, brewery tours and education programs


Why should we trust a brewpub to care about the peace and quiet of our neighbourhood at night?

Stanley Park Brewing has a long history and connection to the Park and the surrounding community. We are passionate about the Park, and have already shown this community spirit over the years through many charitable and community events. In the design of this renovation, we will completely re-do the building’s insulation and replace the single pane windows with sound reducing double paned windows. We will adhere to the by-laws restricting entertainment and/or music on our patios, and position our staff outside in the evening to reinforce respectful behaviour of departing guests. We fully appreciate, enjoy, and respect the West End, and are committed to ensuring our restaurant acts as a good neighbour.

Why does a restaurant need a primary liquor license?

A liquor primary licence is required only for a small section of the building to facilitate tours of the brewing facility, growler fills, and a tasting area. The majority of the premises will focus on the restaurant experience.

Will any beer be sold from the bike path Concession Stand?

No. In compliance with liquor regulations, growlers will be filled and sold from the bar area inside the building.  

What guarantees do we have that you won’t increasingly act like a bar once you get set up and open? eg. later hours, louder music, etc.

We are fully committed to our vision of a family-friendly, restaurant experience that’s accessible to everyone. Also, it has been stipulated in our lease agreement with the Park Board that our hours of operations are to be consistent with other restaurants operating in the Park. No exceptions have been made. The window of operation in our license application is from 11:00am-midnight Monday-Friday, and 9:00am-midnight Saturday and Sunday.

The building is right beside a heron nesting area. What are you going to do to protect the herons?

We have been clear with the Park Board that we will participate in any way necessary to protect the wildlife in the area around our building. We also work in consultation with the Stanley Park Ecology Society to mitigate any potential risks to the park’s ecosystem

Brewing can create smells outside the building. What will you do to mitigate smell?

Conventional brewing practice is to vent steam directly to the outside, thereby producing a detectable odour that while appealing to some, may not be to others.  We are taking a different approach.  We are installing a vapour condenser, which effectively condenses the steam created by the brewing process and sends it to a drain as hot water rather than venting the steam directly to the outside, largely eliminating odours. As an added benefit, the hot water created by condensing the steam is then be captured and used in the brewing process the next day.

Will there be a lot of additional truck deliveries and industrial noise from the building?

We expect the deliveries and related noise, including garbage, compost and recycling removal, to be consistent with that of other neighborhood restaurants. The brewing process itself is fully contained in-doors.

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